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    Child falling behind?

    Not able to concentrate?

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    Is your child experiencing anxiety?

    Is it a challenge to get him to go to school each morning?

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    Is your child experiencing difficulties at school?

    Are these difficulties impacting on self-esteem & child's personal development?

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    Is your child feeling alone?

    Is it a social difficulty or is she just not feeling understood?

Welcome to David Roth Associates

Child and Educational Psychology Services

Is your son/daughter experiencing learning difficulties at school? Is your child or adolescent presenting with challenging behaviours? Or perhaps you feel something is bothering them… but just can’t put your finger on it!

As parents we are often the first to feel the impact a difficulty is having on our child’s educational or personal development. Naturally, we are concerned with what is going on in our child’s world but are often unable to pinpoint – ‘what is it’?


We recognise that child development is a fascinating journey starting from early childhood into adolescence, which has the potential to set out the foundations for future adulthood life. It is a multi-faceted process including inextricably linked dimensions such as social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive aspects of development. The range of services we offer is in the interest of generating better understanding of presenting issues as well as facilitating a positive and real change for your child or adolescent.


We look forward to making a difference for you and your child!



Dr. David Roth & Laurel Freedman

CPsychol & HCPC Registered

10 Harley Street

London W1G 9PF


020 7467 8530




School SENCo
"…he chaired the meeting superbly…encouraged the teachers to think of solutions rather than simply providing them with answers... Teachers did not feel threatened and responded with warmth and care about how they can help…Trust was built at the meeting through his perceptive understanding of the system without compromising on professionalism…"