When was the last time you worked on a jigsaw puzzle? Laurel, our associate, is keen to say that a psychological assessment is a bit like putting together a puzzle. When putting together a puzzle, one uses all the bits of information such as colour, shape & size to organise a coherent picture. In pretty much the same way, a psychological assessment involves using & organising the different bits of information through consultation & tests to formulate a coherent picture of your child! When we are assessing any aspect of a chiId’s development, we appreciate the multi-faceted nature of each child and that all aspects of development, whether it is learning, personal, social, emotional or behavioural aspects; are all closely interrelated and are feeding into the bigger picture.

Includes direct involvement with child

  • Administration of a comprehensive Educational Psychologist assessment will typically focus on gaining insight into cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of child/adolescent’s development
  • Assessment involves an initial consultation with parents, individual work with child, feedback meeting with parents & with parents’ consent, assessment could include a consultation with school staff
  • A comprehensive EP report