Parenting Skills

Living in a confusing and fast-paced world can often present a challenge for both parents & children. Yes, it has been suggested that the two hardest phases in the human life-cycle are 1) being a teenager 2) being the parent of one. Indeed, children of all ages can present with teen-like behaviours and it can be tough. However, we would argue that rearing children & adolescents should be viewed as a gift…an opportunity and similar to all the human interactions we are subject to; we possess the power to determine how to transform any of our relationships into meaningful & positive experiences; how much more-so when relating to our children.
There is a saying that 'When winds are blowing some build walls while others build wind-mills'. This seems particularly relevant when considering the role parents have in harnessing the sometimes challenging behavioural patterns & related emotions which can be dynamic in a charged familial context. Through short-brief therapeutic sessions with parents which may involve supporting parents, teaching parenting skills, challenging their constructs (set belief-systems) and helping them modify dynamics of the familial context – we aim to eliminate any of the walls which are presenting barriers to a conducive relationship & positive behaviours & instead support parents to become empowered to transform those walls into wind-mills!
We offer a block of sessions which aims to empower parents to become the successful parents that they deserve to be!